Practicing Internet Safety

In order to encourage students to practice internet safety, parents and Guardians must know proper internet safety as well. For those who don't know how to, the following guide will walk you through checking the search history and the internet history. Although students may clear these histories, parents can still check them and communicating the expectation that they should not clear the history will help parents to better check in on their students and what they are doing online.

How to check internet history:

On Internet Explorer, click the favorites button, then the history button to view the history. For more information visit Microsoft online.
On Google Chrome, click the button in the top right corner next to the URL bar, then click history. For more information visit the online Google Chrome Tutorial.
On Firefox, click the button in the top right corner on the far end of the commands after the URL bar and click history. For more information visit MozillaZine online.
On Safari, click the history menu on the top bar of the window. For more information and step by step tutorials visit AboutTech online.

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