Characteristics of Bullies

Bullies come in many different shapes and forms. Usually bullies have an aggressive personality pattern, and they tend to react aggressively in different situations. They usually have a positive attitude towards violence. In most physical bulling cases the aggressors tends to be older and stronger, but that isn't always the case in cyber-bulling. Cyber-bulling is, in some cases, more intense because it can be anonymous and anyone can do it. There is little research to tell exactly what a cyber bully looks like, but there are some signs that the cyber bully possess.
  • Kids who like to fight or bully other children.
  • Kids who are bullied or mistreated at home.

Characteristics of the Bullied

In a lot of cases the bullied are younger than the bully. But the home environment of the bullied can sometimes play a part. A lack of family support can make a child feel like they have no one to turn to if they are being picked on or bullied. If someone is being bullied they can feel like the whole world is against them.

Signs to look for

Some of these signs may be clues to tell you if a child you know is being cyber-bullied...

1. Social Withdrawal
If they stop playing games online or using their phone.

2. Fear of Technology
They don't use technology like they used to, or appear nervous when text messages pop up.

3. Bad Behavior
Usually when teens act out it is because someone or something is making their life miserable.

4. Losing Friends
When a teen is being cyber-bullied, it can bring a feeling of isolation.

5. Change in Eating Habits
Some teens stop eating due to anxiety while others emotionally eat.

6. Falling Grades
If grades start falling suddenly, this could be a sign something is wrong.

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